Nel Gwynne by Jean Heard


Jean Heard – Royal Mistresses –

Nell Gwynne & Charles II

In costume and in character Jean performs a 20-minute dramatisation as one of Nell Gwynne’s friends, telling tales of ┬áNel Gwynne. This informative historic act written by Joan Greening is humorous, engaging and historically correct. Above is an extract.

Her performance only Show is three historical Royal Mistresses, actresses who slept with Kings, joined together. She has five acts that make two 45 minute shows.

Jean has also performed them as lectures, with a power point setting the period. This includes stills and footage filmed in London. The film of Nel Gwynne’s London that she presents for Doris Visits UK, traces the main areas of Nell Gwynne.

See her other pages on Royal Mistresses including Queen Adelaide and Lillie Langtry.

Jean Heard has presented over 150 shows for the TV cruise show Cruise Doris Visits which can be found on Opera TV as well as on line. She has performed this show in theatres all over the country and on many cruise ships.



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